The Jalopy Derby is a 7 night, 8 day car rally across rural outback Australia, travelling on unsealed roads whenever we can, providing participants with an opportunity to experience the amazing unique outback environment, build life long friends, foster comradship and adopt an ethis of helping others.

However, we are a rally with a real difference… We won’t be rushing from one overnight stop to the next, trying to cover as many kilometers as possible and missing the unique enironment we are driving through. On the contrary, our Derby goes out of its wat to take in some of the outback’s most iconic landmarks, as well as giving you fascinating insights into these rural areas and the challenges they face.


Now, more than ever, Australian rural communities need our help as they battle catastrophic fire, drought and flood events that occur ever more frequently.

Rural Aid is Australia’s largest, rural focussed charity that provides much needed assistance to these areas through the provision of feed, water and mental health services, as well as focussing on providing long term, strategic and self sustainable solutions to rural communities throughout Australia.

By raising funds for such a worthy cause, we can be sure that our fundraising efforts are being directed in the best way possible.


The Jalopy Derby is the only event of its kind that integrates its charity’s core initiatives.

Our participants will be part of a Farm Army and will have the opportunity to spens a whole dat undertaking a Farm Rescue, helping a farmer or rural community with a much needed project.

Our aim is to have each night hosted by a rural farming community. Participants will get the unique opportunity to interact with farming families over a BBQ and a beer, and really get to understand the significant challenges these communities face.


Here’s the good news… Absolutely anyone can take part!

You don’t need to worry about being mechanically minded, all you need is a car, a couple of swags, a passion for adventure and a desire to give back to our rural mates.

We are supported by the ‘Jalopy Derby Rescue Squad’, a team of highly skilled mechanics who have volunteered their time and energy to make sure that each and every team make it to the finish line.


Registration costs just $295 per team.

Each team needs to raise $5,000 prior to the start of the Derby.

Extra costs are camping and catering, fuel, and anything else you may need. However, every team that manages to raise over $8,000 will have their camping and catering costs paid for the entire derby.

Even better, every team that raises over $10,000 will have their registration fee refunded in addition to having their camping and catering costs paid for the entire derby.

So get fundraising… The more you raise, the cheaper it is to take part!


A minimum of two people per team please!

Your fundraising team, however, can be as big as you like… Get as many of your friends, family, and work colleagues to help raise as much funds as possible.


Take any vehicle you like… New, old, 2WD, 4WD, it really doesn’t matter!

As long as the vehicle is road legal, stick a couple of swags in the back and let us take care of the rest.

We would like to encourage each team to decorate their vehicles for the trip. Stamp your personality on your vehicle. Be unique, be noticed, be bold!

Unlike other rallies, we don’t make you auction your vehicle at the end of the trip which means you can use it again for the next Jalopy Derby, and the one after that, and the one after that!